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Summer Sportswear

Look for 2019 updates to this page coming soon!

Summer sportswear options are ready! We have many great options for you and your family!

Looking for cold weather gear? Click here!

Here’s how to order:

  1. Choose the type of garment from the list below.  You can click on any item to see full details on the fabric, colors and sizes.   Once you choose something, note down the product code, size and color you want.
  2. Choose your logo – you’ll need to choose one of four styles, embroidered vs. silk screen, color and size.  With summer sportswear, the logo can be placed either on the chest or sleeve of the garment.   Click here see your Lyceum Logo options.
  3. Want it personalized?   Your embroidered name or monogram can be added to most items for an additional $7.50.   Click here to see available fonts and sizes.
  4. Contact Jenny Wheeler to place your order: or 513-807-3934.

Ladies Clothing

Product Code
Description and Link to Details
LK8000 Port Authority® Ladies EZCotton™ Polo $19.50
K110 Port Authority® Ladies Dry Zone® UV Micro-Mesh Polo $13.99
7301 Pebble Beach Women’s Horizontal Texture Polo $39.00
LST304 Sport-Tek® Ladies Cadence Short $17.98
DM446A  District Made® Ladies Cosmic Twist Back Tank $8.89
AA1927  Alternative Meegs Eco-Jersey™ Racer Tank $17.90
LST396  Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® Electric Heather Racerback Tank $9.98
LST356 Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® Competitor™ Racerback Tank $7.99
LPC54 Port & Company® Ladies Core Cotton Tee $6.50
LPC54V Port & Company® Ladies Core Cotton V-Neck Tee $8.50
LPC147V  Port & Company® Ladies Tie-Dye V-Neck Tee $10.47
LST340 Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® RacerMesh® V-Neck Tee $7.98
LST350 Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee $5.99
LST353 Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® Competitor™ V-Neck Tee $7.99
LST353LS Sport-Tek® Ladies Long Sleeve PosiCharge® Competitor™ V-Neck Tee $9.99
LST380  Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® Elevate Scoop Neck Tee $11.99
ST340LS  Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® RacerMesh® Long Sleeve Tee $9.98

Mens Clothing

Product Code
Description and Link to Details
K8000 Port Authority® EZCotton™ Polo $23.00
K110 Port Authority® Dry Zone® UV Micro-Mesh Polo $11.99
K110P Port Authority® Dry Zone® UV Micro-Mesh Pocket Polo $15.99
7300 Pebble Beach Men’s Horizontal Texture Polo $39.00
K8000LS  Port Authority® EZCotton™ Long Sleeve Polo $28.50
TK8000 Port Authority® Tall EZCotton™ Polo $24.50
T565 Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® Mesh Reversible Spliced Short $15.98
PC54 Port & Company® – Core Cotton Tee $9.00
PC54V Port & Company® Core Cotton V-Neck Tee $7.75
PC147 Port & Company® – Tie-Dye Tee $8.58
ST340 Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® RacerMesh® Tee $5.99
ST340LS  Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® RacerMesh® Long Sleeve Tee $9.98
ST350 Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee $5.99
ST350LS  Sport-Tek® Long Sleeve PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee $7.99
TST350LS  Sport-Tek® Tall Long Sleeve PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee $11.99
TST350  Sport-Tek® Tall PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee $9.99
ST380  Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® Elevate Tee $11.99

Juniors and Kids Clothing

Product Code
Description and Link to Details
RS4400 Rabbit Skins™ Infant Short Sleeve Baby Rib Bodysuit $10.98
RS3322 Rabbit Skins™ Infant Fine Jersey Tee $9.59
RS3321 Rabbit Skins™ Toddler Fine Jersey Tee $9.59
YSTC36 Sport-Tek® Youth PosiCharge® RacerMesh® Cap $11.00
YC914 Port & Company® Youth Six-Panel Unstructured Twill Cap $8.99
BG810 Port Authority® – Cinch Pack with Mesh Trim $5.99
YT565  Sport-Tek® Youth PosiCharge® Mesh Reversible Spliced Short $11.99
YST350 Sport-Tek® Youth PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee $6.99
PC54Y Port & Company® – Youth Core Cotton Tee $5.90
PC147Y  Port & Company® – Youth Tie-Dye Tee $10.14
YST340  Sport-Tek® Youth PosiCharge® RacerMesh® Tee $6.98
YST350LS Sport-Tek® Youth Long Sleeve PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee $8.99
DT5001 District® – Juniors The Concert Tee® $4.18
DT250 District® – Juniors Tri-Blend T-Back Tank $9.96


Product Code
Description and Link to Details
NE1070  New Era® Hex Mesh Cap $12.49
STC27 Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® RacerMesh® Visor $9.00
STC26 Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® RacerMesh® Cap $9.99
C914 Port & Company® Six-Panel Unstructured Twill Cap $8.99


Product Code
Description and Link to Details
BG527 Port Authority® Large Tote Cooler $15.98
BG119  Port Authority® Rolling Cooler $39.95
BG513 Port Authority® 12-Can Cube Cooler $18.00
B5000 Port Authority® All-Purpose Tote $9.99
BG406 Port Authority® Day Tote $12.50
PT42 Port Authority® – Beach Towel $23.98
PT43 Port Authority® Cabana Stripe Beach Towel $25.98

*Pricing Notes

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