Application Process

On behalf of the Lyceum Board of Directors, we welcome applications for membership.

Click HERE  to download and print your application! Filling out your application can be completed easily and is a great way to meet your community and other members of the Lyceum. Please contact Membership Director Holly Tenhundfeld with any questions, we hope to meet you soon! 
Holly Tenhundfeld: or (513) 290-2921 

New members shall not have Lyceum rental privileges for any event/ function or voting privileges until initiation fees are paid in full after final membership approval.

Membership Fees

Quarterly Dues
(Per Person – Billed Quarterly)

Adult $214.20
Retired (70+) $159.60
Jr. (6-22) $44.10
Minor (0-5) $ 14.96

Example: Family of 4

Monthly $ 172.20
Quarterly $ 516.60
Yearly $2,066.40

One-time Initiation Fee

Age 35+ $1000
Under 35 $550
Retired (70+) $500

Racquet-Only Membership

Yearly $615.00


Updated 3/24/2020.  All fees subject to change. Tax not included.